Want quicker payouts and reduced chargebacks? Paytrackster can help you do that.

Our PayPal tracking app allows you to get tracking information automatically sent to PayPal the second your customers place an order. It’s that easy

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Instantly link customer order info to PayPal

Spending lots of time manually inputting order info and waiting on funds to clear? With Paytrackster, PayPal automatically gets what it needs to approve your withdrawal requests faster. You have everything you need to manage and track your orders, cutting back on administrative follow-up processes.
  • Integrated hassle-free auto-sync function eliminates manual inputs
  • Tracking number and carrier name securely harmonized with PayPal account
  • Frees up time to scale your business and grow your brand

Reduce chargebacks and boost your store's reputation

Paytrackster is designed to help you reduce the number of chargebacks and increase the reputation of your merchant account, which can help remove the rolling reserve. This means you get more money back in your pocket
  • Use PayPal to build brand trust with your audience
  • Enjoy shorter clearing periods and speedier cashouts
  • Secure API sync gives your business peace of mind

Real-time order updates and tracking

Paytrackster makes keeping tabs on your orders easy with real-time updates and PayPal tracking information. Monitor performance, get insights into customer trends, and make better decisions to boost your store’s success.
  • Access live data for current orders through our user-friendly dashboard
  • Bulk-sync previous orders for additional insights
  • Confidently manage PayPal disputes with a sleek control center

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