About Paytrackster: Simplifying E-commerce Payments

At Paytrackster, we understand the challenges of managing online payments. We’re a team of passionate e-commerce enthusiasts dedicated to creating a payment monitoring solution that streamlines your workflow and boosts your bottom line.

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Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry

Spending hours manually entering order information into PayPal is a thing of the past. Our innovative online payment tracker seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, automatically sending tracking information directly to PayPal the second your customers place an order. This easy-to-use payment management platform eliminates tedious tasks, freeing up valuable time to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

Faster Payouts, Fewer Headaches

With Paytrackster, you no longer have to wait for funds to clear. Our integrated hassle-free auto-sync function ensures PayPal receives all the necessary details to approve your withdrawal requests swiftly. This translates to shorter clearing periods and speedier cashouts, putting your hard-earned money back into your pocket faster.

easy to use payment management platform

Reduce Chargebacks, Boost Reputation

Chargebacks can be a major pain point for e-commerce businesses. Paytrackster helps you combat this issue by automatically providing tracking information to PayPal. This, in turn, strengthens your merchant account reputation and reduces the likelihood of chargebacks. Additionally, a positive track record can help remove the rolling reserve, giving you greater access to your funds.

Peace of Mind with Secure Integration

We prioritize the security of your financial data. Paytrackster utilizes a secure API sync to ensure seamless integration with your PayPal account. This robust system guarantees the safety of your sensitive information, giving you complete peace of mind.

Experience the Paytrackster Difference

Don’t just take our word for it. We offer a generous free trial – the first 500 synced orders every month are absolutely free! Visit us on the Shopify App Store to experience the power of Paytrackster firsthand.

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